Renewing an Australian E3 Visa in Mexico City

The E3 visa (and any dependent visas such as the E3-D) will need to be renewed every two years. If you are currently living/working in the US, you will need to leave the country to complete this process. To my knowledge it is not possible to renew the E3 without leaving the US. There are already some great blogs posts out there that thoroughly cover off how this process works namely this one so instead...

Obtaining an Australian E3 Visa

Just a quick post outlining the interesting parts of obtaining an E3 visa for an Australian citizen in Sydney.

  • I recommend reading Geoff’s post first
  • Leave yourself some time to find 1) the MCL building and 2) the level 10 elevator
  • This building is octagonal shaped and has just about as many entrances and elevators most of which went to level 8, not...