Aussie cleantech startups to watch

22 August 2022

Cleantech startups in Australia are rapidily maturing and it’s an exciting space to keep track of. Unfortunately, discovering these companies is often a bit tricky, so here’s a list of some of the companies I am most excited about (in no particular order) grouped by the area of cleantech they are focusing on. For anyone looking to work for a cleantech startup in Australia, check out this page. Job vacancies are listed here.

Emissions Offset


Personal and business orientated carbon emissions measurement and offsetting via verified carbon reduction projects and tree planting. I particularly like how they are holistically looking at CO2 emissions measurement which keeps the door open to providing energy, transport and waste reduction advice and feature sets.

Solar and Battery Management


Managed solar and battery system installation with a 5 year no bill guarantee. Very catchy.

Retail Offerings

Amber Energy

With a $15 per month subscription, provides customers with access to wholesale energy prices and the Amber app which enables users to shift their energy usage to match market price changes due to more or less green energy being supplied to the grid. Access to wholesale prices (and an API!) is very progressive for an energy retailer. Savy solar and battery owners can play the wholesale energy price game to save and make money.



Helps businesses design and quote clean energy products for customers. For solar panels, AI and aerial imagery is used to help quote on time and labor. For batteries, generation and consumption modelling allows precise Time of Use and VPP savings calculations.



Perhaps the biggest issue with clean energy products is their upfront cost. Whilst it’s a nice idea to go green, affording it can be a challenge. Brighte attempts to solve the first and second barriers of clean energy ownership by providing green loans with 0% interest to help you finance your clean energy purchase and finding qualified tradies to help you install it.